Monday, April 7, 2014

Oracle Switches to Cloud Computing

Reading many articles about Oracle, this one by Ruchard Adhikari from CRM Buyer, really stuck out to me. The article talks about how Oracle is focusing on “cloud infrastructure companies such as Amazon and SaaS providers such as former ally” Also losing their focus on IBM and SAP. “Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said last week that his main rivals were the new generation of cloud companies, and that IBM and SAP were no longer in his gun sights.” With the cloud being very popular and very accessible, it took Oracle “10 years to make its applications available as cloud services because the company offers lots of applications.” This was a very intense time for the company because they had to rewrite all of their applications as well as converting its database to “multienancy to host SaaS applications.” Oracle will now offer both packaged software as well as cloud-based applications.  “Oracle announced 10 cloud computing services at OpenWorld in September. Its cloud applications include CRM on Demand and the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud.”
            I have never realized that with the advancement in technology, current tech companies need to always be up to date. It is interesting to read that Oracle has dismissed the cloud in the past, but now that it is important in the IT world, they switched to cloud computing. The rewriting of new programs may take years such as Oracle’s rewriting did. Rivalry is extremely important as it is said in the article and competition amongst company’s changes frequently. Switching their competitors to cloud companies allows Oracle to stay up to date. However, modern apps need to be built around social networking and should be easy to use. “According to reports, Oracle’s cloud apps have a user interface modeled after Facebook and that interfaces Oracle and archival SAP built 10 years ago were no longer appropriate.” If a company does not make their programs user friendly, the customer would go out and find a new program that is easier to use. So for Oracle, it was extremely important that when they were rewriting their programs it would be user friendly.
            Today cloud computing is extremely important to the lives of people each and every day. It is very popular to businesses so they are able to work from any location as long as they have reliable internet connection. Cloud computing also saves companies extremes amounts of money because they do not need to invest in storage hardware.  Another plus to cloud computing is that all of your software and applications update automatically. “In the current computing world, everyone agrees that cloud computing enforces the best security policies which makes it hard for unauthorized parties to access or modify your data. Besides, you don’t have to worry should you lose the data on your hard disk.” As our class is beginning to work with Oracle, I am able to see how all of our work is saved to the internet. The whole concept of cloud computing is extremely interesting and saves a lot of time and effort for one when it comes to saving data.

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